Lyrics : Wayne's World

Wayne's world
Party time
MTV! hahaha
When your in Wayne's world man, you gotta understand man. Nah, for real, fuck my world man, you gotta know how to survive in the belly of the beast, man. So this what I, I'll relate it to some shit like this. I say man, if I go on a nigga bus, know what I'm saying, he a rapper. And I'm with my nigga Boo, and he going I'm with my man Spitta, and he gon' holla at one of his homies or something on they bus. And I ain't feelin the music that he playing, know what I mean. I ain't gon' go on the mans bus and be like, man this is whack. Imma be like fuck, alright, bob my fucking head stomp my feet. When I get off that bus Imma tell Spitta "boy this here was the wackest shit I ever heard." I'm gon' respect my situation man, respect something that's higher than me, man. And you ain't gotta put nobody higher, but you gotta respect your situation man