Lyrics : Movie (Unreleased)

I really like this song
Thanks Lucio

You can't get like this, even if you wanted (Nope)
b*t*h I'm really lit, I see no opponents (Yeah)
Remember she was sleep so i left her snoring (Yeah)
She don't wanna leave, other n***as boring (Woo)

I got no time for the drama, think bout running up, hes a goner
I'm young I could f**k your daughter (Goddamn)
Spend like 5 on some Gucci Prada (Woo)

I'm counting rows, neck on froze (Yeah)
Diamonds they be sick but they don't got a cold (Huh)
Diamonds they like water but they don't need a boat (Yeah)
Feel like metro boomin all this money i need more (Yeah)
Run up on me you get lit like a b*t*h (Yeah)
Shooting that choppa, i feel like John Wick (Yeah)
Not number 2 but i know I'm know I'm the sh*t (Yeah)
I'm with yo girl, be back in a bit (Yeah)