Lyrics : Auto Blanco

Niggas call me Blanco like the mob out here (Mob out here)
We overseas, they like "How you get them Glocks out here?"
I got killas in different countries, you know squad out here
Feed a lot of wolves, watch it how you talk out here
"Fuck Lil' Kim", that's all I hear is people talkin' evil
"Fuck Lil' Kim", if you say that then, bitch, I better not see you
"Fuck Lil' Kim", bitch, watch your mouth before they can't ID you
Laid up in ICU where nobody can come see you
Why these bitches think they safe because I'm not out?
You know any given time Kimmy could pop out
Every time I see these chicks they quick to cop out
IG got these hoes thinkin' that they got clout (Ahh)
Get yo' ass back in that house, we got No Limit tanks
Master P dropped that shit off last night, we pullin' rank
Never talk when gangstas talk unless you 'bout that action
My track record'll tell you bitches I ain't just rappin'
This Dior coat is the only one, so you can't jack it
I'm a masterpiece, wrapped me on his arm like a bust-down Patek
Niggas flexin' on the 'Gram, but they be broke (They be broke)
Smokin' on 'em blunts, but don't want no smoke
Never care so much right now, my paper's stackin' up (Stackin' up)
I'm in my Louis bag, you hoes could pack it up (Pack it up)
Y'all both got knocked, he in, you out, it ain't adding up (Ain't addin' up)
But you say you keep it gangsta, nigga, that's cap or what? (Cap or what?)
Big and Pac'd be alive right now if you niggas ain't gassed shit up
If I knew who did it, I'd personally wrap they caskets up
I'ma keep Frank name alive, my nigga ain't die for nothin'
Got shooters out in Brooklyn ready to die for nothin'
These rats runnin' round in this jungle, lyin' for nothin'
Be careful we got apes out here, eat you alive for nothin'

We on our Royal Fam shit, you heard?
Thank you, come again
Gang, gang, gang
Shittin' me? Hahahahahahaha