Lyrics : Off-White

(10Fifty, I love you)

Off-white b*t*h with the Off-White, yeah
Off-White, Off-White, Off-White, yeah
b*t*h, I got some money, broke n***as over there
Bullets takin' naps off, cuttin' through your hair
Neck, wrist, ooh, seasick
Ridin' with them sticks in a big-body C6
Doin' lil' b*t*h, suckin' me and you kiss-kiss
Geeked out my mind, pourin' fours in a Sunkist
Bop, bop (Woo)
Sippin' on Wock'
Opp n***as get popped
Pay a shooter with an iced-out clock
Shawty, yeah, you got one shot
Hen-dog, we ain't drinkin' on Scotch
Lil' b*t*h gotta slop my top
Took the top off the coupe, chop-chop

n***a, stop cappin', you b*t*h, Gucci socks matching the fit
My b*t*h, she act like a brat, pretty b*t*h having a fit
You n***as cuffin' these thots, they mobbing d**k, no kiss
Stick hit his head, no vest, you go through the stress, no check
M's on the 'net and we ain't rocking no Mets
b*t*h, we get more money, y'all get the less (Skrrt)
Swerving that Lamb', Lamb'
12 caught me in a jam, damn
Getting f**ked by a freak going mayhem (Woo, woo)
Take a Drac', took the sh*t to the vegan place
A lot of damn shots when the block got sprayed
Glock with a 31, sh*t took place
Dripping in BAPE and b*t*h, I go ape
Robin jeans match the Jimmy Choo
Big Raptor, yeah, f**k the coupe
Racks on your head, yeah, caught one too
Then I get some money, it's one or two
Got the pack from my brother, I ain't talking 'bout Mook'
My youngin' 'bout the money, he'll serve 'bout it too
Slime me, know it's a slime back too
I ain't change on you, all the blue hundreds is the only thing new