Lyrics : Black Men Don’t Cheat

Black men don't cheat
Hmmmmm (whoa, whoa)
I?m speaking my truth now (whoa, whoa)
We're speaking our truth (whoa, whoa)
From a male point of view
Black men stand up (whoa, whoa)

No matter what they say or what you heard in the streets
Everybody?s knows
Black men don't cheat
A lot of TLC but we don't ever creep
So F what you heard
Black men don't cheat
Whoever's saying otherwise just lying through they teeth
'Cause everybody knows
Black men don't cheat
So next time you out, they try to jam you in the streets
You make sure you tell them
Black men don't cheat

Hey, I love my old lady (good)
That?s my baby (good)
Think I?m leaving her for you
B*t*h you crazy (cray)
The hoes will attack (yeah)
No matter where you at
I got two words for you:
Faithful and black (faithful and black)
I know you mad (yeah)
Big, big mad (yeah)
I'm an honest black man
You can?t put me on blast (yeah)
So screenshot a n***a (yeah)
We just gon' laugh
Duval ain't sh*t, she already know that