Lyrics : That’s A Fact

That's a fact
That's a fact
Who made this?
JB made this, hahahaha

Hol' up, slide
Pull up, drive (Skrrt)
Whole point is a vibe
I just want the top (Top)
Diamonds, flash (Bling)
Drip, game, splash
Whip game nasty (Ugh)
Stick game, Bin Laden
Spend a whole mil' that's a fact
Homie that's a fact
Shotty, pump (Pump)
Foreign's out the trunk
Made it out the hump (Hump)
Kris Kross, jump
Make a splash, don't play that's a fact (Fact)
She came through the front (Front)
We slid out the back (Back)
Don't play, that's a fact (Fact)
Chain drip, that's a fact (Fact)
Game with me, that's a fact (Fact)
Play with me, that's a fact (Fact)
Don't play that's a fact (Click, bam)
Hunnid thou', that's a fact (Fact)
You's a coward that's a fact (Fact)