Lyrics : No Auto

(DY Krazy)
(KidWond3r, you made this beat?)
Oh, you scared, huh? Oh, you pu**y? (Oh, you pu**y?)
Oh, you scared, huh? Oh, you pu**y?

Ayy, DY, this like a Wayne beat
Gotta watch that side block, hit up that main street
You can't beef while we into it, lil' n***a, you can't eat
They killed your mans, now you be claimin' that you can't sleep
That trigger finger fast like Floyd, but punch like AB
He use tune and dyed his dreads, that pu**y ain't me, yeah
That Glock go bang, but it ain't Keef
He got shot and made a statement, man, he ain't street
You ain't never shot sh*t, put that gun down
You ain't wake up out your sleep to no gun sounds
Your OG entertain your gossip, look at your son now, yeah
Too many pills give me chills, yeah
Just 'cause you family, ain't no deals, yeah
She used to punch in flights to come to the A and give me head
I told her bring the pounds before she come, she say she scared
Ain't tell her 'bout no county, she get caught, she goin' fed

Oh, you scared, huh? Oh, you pu**y? (Woah, yeah)
Oh, you scared, huh? Oh, you pu**y?