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And are being charged with the murder of a 51 year old woman as a result of a home invasion last Wednesday night. The victim was found beaten, raped, and stabbed multiple times. A neighbor heard a noise around 2 AM and witnessed the suspects fleeing the scene and immediately called 911. We'll have more details on this story as it develops

In Queensdale, an elderly man was struck by a drunk driver on Cross Bay Boulevard. Dammit. The man is in critical condition. The driver suffered no injuries

And in Canarsie Brooklyn, investigators are working to figure out exactly what caused...

Hello? Oh hey, thanks for calling me back. Look, he's gonna be home any minute, so let me try and make this quick. Yeah, exactly. It's the time of year, it's always rough on him. Yeah, literally it's decades now. And you know how he gets. Yeah, and with the anniversary of it coming up, it's, it's tough, I know, it's tough. I just figured I'd see if you have any openings. Can you squeeze him in? Alright, there he is, let me go. Please email me the times you have available when you can, okay, thanks doc, bye

Hey, how was your day hon? How was your day?