Lyrics : Benz

I thought if i could buy a Benz, then maybe i could ease my stress
Thought if i just hit the Hen, let the bottle burn my chest
I'd be happy once again
Numb my pain and clear my head
9 times outta 10
We just trynna decompress


We're trynna relieve some stress
Trynna control my breath
Trynna take some time to just reflect (yeah)
Sometimes i just want to get some ice right on my neck
& hop right on a jet
Fly out & go far as i can get
If i could just play my cards right
Then i'd have no regrets
Got potential to be a star
Stay down
Stack up
Stay blessed
Came up against all odds
Still gotta go strive for the best
& n***as like me really want it all
'cause we always had so much less
But now we got up next
& we got heart
I won't stop 'till i'm set
Man i'm willing to die for success
& i'm willing to kill for it too, man i think i'm obsessed
& that's just when i realized it don't matter 'bout how much money you can spend
As long as you got someone you could love, then that's all that matters in the end