Lyrics : The Bag

Ayy, ayy (Yee hee)
Damn, I got so much swag (God damn, oh my God)
Bought the b*t*h a bag (Sock it to me, oh my god, ayy)
n***a, I don't give a f**k
b*t*h n***a, you mad (Yee hee!)
Yes, Lord, sock it to me, yeah, baby (sh*t)
b*t*h n***a, you mad
The name's Larry, baby (Sock it to me, yee hee, damn, yes, Lord)
Bought the b*t*h a bag

Bought the b*t*h a bag (Damn)
OoH, with Givenchy on the tag (Oh my God, sock it to me)
The Birkin [?] (Damn)
Balenciaga swag (Sock it to me, ayy)
I don't gotta rap (Yeah, baby, damn)
I'm crackin' in the trap (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
I don't f**k with n***as (God damn, ayy)
Don't got no time for that (Ayy, ayy)
I'm movin' like a legend (Yee hee!)
My sneakers be Margiela (Damn, ayy)
But these the runways (sh*t, yee hee)
So, you can never get 'em (Sock it to me)
Saint Laurent shades (Yeah, baby)
I'm drivin' while I'm blazed (Yee hee, sh*t)
They call me "Uber Larry," (Ayy, ayy, damn)
I ain't drove in days (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Fu- fu- fu- f**k your opinion
Take the Sprite, n***a, put the syrup in it, God damn (Damn)
Never lied to a b*t*h, keep it real, I'm one hunid like my phone bill
Meet me in the town (Ayy)
Around 5 o'clock (Uh)m we can get it in (Damn)
I put that on my mama (Sock it to me)
I never had a job (Yeah, baby), I'm a trap n***a (Ayy)