Lyrics : San Diego 2010

Tell my connects they can meet me in San Diego
Tequila at the table 1942 Don Julio that añejo
Chillin wit my matinée hoe
That mean she only wit me for the afternoon met her in San Mateo
Anyway I'm just here to grab the payload
Packaged yayo and not to captain save hoes
Passenger seat of the Rover my homie told me the seats look like they made of alligator look closer no bruh that's cobra
Leaning on you snakes my shooter is my chauffeur
The holster wrapped over his shoulder just like a toga
Smoking with the windows lowered I blow out a chem-trail
Going to meet a plug my cousin gave me the intel
Fish scale nigga that lives well but keeps it under the radar
Driving by narcs cars in a smart car
But I don't know him from Adam could be a dirty snitch
The thought of new money is tempting
Eve was a curvy bitch
Pulled up to his house it was small but yo I heard he's rich
Chillin in his garage with some dirty kicks showed me 30 bricks
What the f*ck I'm feeling like it's a setup
He showing me all this product and we just met up
Told my killa keep his head up got a couple of things to clarify
Text my cousin is this nigga solid I had to verify
Gave me the thumbs up I'm thinking if this nigga jam us
We bustin I ain't with clickin hammers on hidden cameras
But I guess he showed us the coca to prove he didn't scam us
Behind the scenes the hustle ain't Hollywood glitz and glamor
I told him let's speak further and make the plan Kevlar
I'm headed back to my suite the Fairmont Grand Del Mar
It's time to clean it up switch into some more clothes
Trade the hoodie for the sports coat and go get some more hoes
Pull up to the Gaslamp District hop out the door close
Lord knows I'm cleaner than a Baptist preacher
Hard bottoms walking across sidewalks sounding like Morse code
Glad to meet ya yeah nice to meet ya this like a night in Egypt
The warm breeze followed us in the club we swiped Visas
Babu like a Khalid album she got the right features
Tight ass skirt thick legs Christian Dior anklet
The scent of her perfume wrapped her body up like a warm blanket
Shake it to the rhythm I envision her form naked
Staring at her eyes when I'm talking that make it more sacred
Took her back to the telly to enjoy the womb never trippin
I got my goon on the adjoining room never slippin
I told her ditch the phone cuz this isn't an insta moment the pistol the only thing we point and zoom we hella different
I could tell you all a little more about this whore or the wire that she wore
Or the drug dealer I mentioned from before
What if he kicked in the door trying to score that duffel bag that's on my floor
But nah he was just mad rich and she's just a bad bitch
And I used to get cash quick but I left it in the past for this rap shit