Lyrics : Just Die? (Intro 1)

Enter (Enter)
Do I give so much to those who don't know what it takes to be I?
It takes so much focus, but they say this lotus I grew should just die
Why do I read? My art is starting to bleed and receding, it's a lie
Even though I'm woke up, this so sucks, how 'bout my throat cut?

Just a thought, excuse me while I get this off
Tech is lost, read this then accepted naught
Gave the game this, twenty years of strange sh*t
And I still retain this sick language I came with (Chyeah)
Tech has fallen, b*t*h, shut up (Shut up)
Death is callin', n***a, what up? (What up?)
Your text is causin' me to nut up
Crawlin' in the gutter, I'm coughin' my blood up (Rah)
What if you found out you made me? (Chyeah)
'Cause critics were drivin' me crazy (Chyeah)
This kinda thing shouldn't phase me
But it could be easier D-E-A-D (Chyeah)
Easier for me, though
To another dimension and place we go
When I smother and weaken a Yates' ego
I'ma taste blood when I'd rather taste a Cheeto or burrito
Life can be testing to stop in a hurry (Chyeah)
I'd be investing in stock then the jewelry (Chyeah)
Gives you the effing, not what you expecting
When I chew a section, you cop and you bury (Chyeah)
I'd suppose I'd die for those to buy the old
And get the newer sh*t to fly the throw
I give 'em cooler hits that I compose
Why the code dissin' me? Can't deny the flows
All the naysayin' won't tempt me (Chyeah)
And I ain't never been wimpy
But it's a thought when my tank is low and just about empty

How 'bout I just die, die, die, die?
It might stop the sorrow, taking tomorrow away
Run from this sh*t, bye, bye, bye, bye
When my spirits are low, no need to borrow day
How 'bout I just die, die, die, die?
It might stop the sorrow, taking tomorrow away
How 'bout I just die?
Inside, I just cry
f**k that sh*t

Let's get off, all this sh*t 'bout Tech is soft
Exit cross, how could you not respect the sauce?
Take your time after time when you come for me (Chyeah)
Spit your swine at my rhyme for everyone to see (Chyeah)
You don't even need a mouth
Hit me with the keys of deceit and I'm bleedin' out
So this is the heated route
Been feelin' defeated when reading, can see the doubt
But you can't fold up, Strange Music soldier
I thought I told ya, my 'bows are like boulders (Chyeah)
I made ya (I made ya), but I'll fade ya (I'll fade ya)
'Cause of hater ('Cause of hater) behavior (Behavior, chyeah)
The savior (The savior) awaits ya (Awaits ya)
You traitor (You traitor), I'll break ya (I'll break ya, chyeah)
Talkin' 'bout when I bust, I'd spit, like when I crush my zit (Chyeah)
I am a legend, I'm twenty minus eleven
Here come the seven after what's my six?
When you cuss my script on the media
Talkin' 'bout I rushed my sh*t
I'm tellin' you, "Kcid ym kcus, b*t*h"

How 'bout I just die, die, die, die?
(Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die)
ENTERFEAR is here, b*t*h