Lyrics : Zoom’s Home Alone 2 Deleted Scenes Tour

All right, if we're ready, then let's start the tour by saying what they do at the beginning of every Home Alone movie
"Kevin!", all right, say it with me "Kelvin! "
You guys are a great group

I hope the rest of the tour is as good as this
Hey, have you noticed how totally fine I am in the vast, vast darkness?
So cool, so natural, so natural
Okay, good, I'm glad you noticed
Now, shh! Let's pay attention to the tour

Zoom’s Home Alone 2 Lost in New York Deleted Scenes Tour
So, let's zoom in on a little-known fact

Joe Pesci slapped his stunt double here
But then they became best friends
And everybody called them Double Trouble

Molly, slap me in the face
No, no, take my picture

Little known fact
The script once featured a subplot
Where the Pigeon Lady helps solve a murder
In the Dianna Ross Playground
Weirdly the same murder happened
A month later in real life so they cut it