Lyrics : B.Q.E (#BLM)

I thank that COVID-19 has really made people value the more important things in life
Like family, love, social interaction
It really put some things into perspective
The year 2020 has been eye-opening
I'm proud of all the young people who are out here taking on the battle of our predecessors
And demanding a new world that's fair for everyone
The next stop is true freedom
Black girls and black boys, be brave, be confident, be learning, be kind, be bold, be ready, be teaching, be giving, be fair, and be free

Self-made, no flex, ooh
Self-paid, no debt, ooh
We ain't takin' no bets, lot of y'all full of regrets
Hate me and give me respect
Y’all playin' easy to get, I'm playin' Russian Roulette
Y'all sellin' out for the check
We holdin' out for the kids
Free black and don't flip
Gold ropes to hold cribs, low bread to whole loaves
Go hard or go home, go home and don't trip
Same block, same whip
Free as a bird, used to be runnin' from 12, live and you learn
Now we just flip 'em the bird
Poppy, yo, give me the word
Copy I heard you, I step on the Myrtle, I'm on the wave now
Bet you got nothin' to say now
You better get out the way and better get comfortable catchin' this fade now
Stay in yo' lane, either you get on the train or watchin' the wave
There ain't no stoppin' the play
Hoppin' up out of the flames
Inkin' an island today
Get your piece up on the board
Bought a crib by the lake
Still pull up in the fort, real comin' for the fake
Showin' love through the hate
Still tryna end a war, mama said I need a break
Maybe when I'm in the Forbes, generation's on the board
Generations in the bank, ayy