Lyrics : A song about cat girls

I f*cking hate you mom and dad
Every time during my birthday
I ask for one thing, and one thing only
Why can't you get me a goddamn cat girl

I wanna f*ck a cat girl
I wanna f*ck a cat girl
I'm gonna make her my whole world
Stop saying they're not real
(they're f*cking real b*tch)
Anime girls are my life man
Imma need one that says nyan
Has cute ears and a tail and
Wants to take all of this c*ck
(mothaf*cking di*k ayy)

Mom and dad always resent me
Say they're not real and I should be
Locked up in a penitentiary
But I already got out
(Chaos ensues)
Imma kill anybody
(I'm gonna do it I swear to god)
That does not agree with me
Cat girls are everything
(cat girls are everything man)
I swear to god (inaudible)