Lyrics : On the Low

Pull some of that bass out, Bruce

Could you send me a flick? I'ma send you a d**k pic when I'm horny
If I kiss you on your lips, would you tell your sisters in the morning?
Would you keep it a secret? I ain't felt this way before
When I tell you that I like you, but I don't 'cause I'm not sure
I just take her heart and score, then I love her 'til she sore
I just break her heart in four then I don't want her anymore
If I eat it, can I treat it? Can I beat it with my sword? (b*t*h, I'm Rob Vicious, ayy, ayy, ayy)

Beatin' on that monkey 'til I fall asleep
I'm f**king on you, you touching on me
She say I'm totally deep, put it in her soul
Her eyes is rolling, pu**y keep calling me
And all I know is hitting the gas, I'ma give you all of me, ayy
She wanna go 'round, then let's go round for round
And when I'm touring I'll take you with me, f**k you town to town
If you pull up on me show me love, don't need to do no fussin'
Treat that pu**y just like my enemy, I just wanna bust it
Let's take it back, baby, throw it back, girl, let me break your back
I beat that pu**y up with no hat, she don't know how to act
Take off your clothes, I'ma grab my phone, no, baby, let's make a porn
Just busted four, but I want some more, so what we waitin' for?