Lyrics : Alfa Murda 2

King Cesar ft. Monsta Island Czars (ft. Kamackeris, Kong, and Megalon) - “Alfa Murda 2”

Wannabe thug
Ain’t nothing but scrub when the mug to me
Emcee really?  Feel me. This take years
Some of y’all took minutes with your gimmicks
Kick it like you’re live on scrimmage, we’re out of limits to y’all
‘Cause you biting what you writing, style-stealing
And I ain’t feeling what you’re squealing
Old b*t*h, you make my balls itch
So bite off those, a real live-ass flow

We got
Tools like architect. On your mark, get set, spark your clip
Park the whip, still stay sharp as sh*t
Kitchen days, biscuits for trade, b*t*hes with braids leave stitches
In your fade, so I ask, “Who’s your barber?” Two block
Raise a Newport box, squeeze on flocks for props
You find that Kong simply standing at the bus stop, the worst
Here it go. Thumping the lyrical, pumping the spiritual
Jumping in stolen vehicles, it’s like
“Mercy, mercy, Lord have mercy” and “who cursed me?”
My whole team is thirsty in New Jersey, sporting new jerseys