Lyrics : Pretty Boy Occultist

b*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h
(Yung Hi-C n***a)
You already know man RCB in this b*t*h, you know what I'm saying young vampire gang n***a
(Yung Hi-C in this b*t*h)
Vampire gang, so many [?] on my d**k bro we playing push on y'all n***as
Oh my God (Ah, yah, b*t*h)
Oh my God (b*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h)

Pull up to the scene, b*t*hes screaming "Oh my God!" (OMG)
Pouring up that drank, Hi-Tech splash on the rocks
We got all the juice, all these hoes know we rock
Heavy metal swag, we rock out like Dethklok (Rock out)
Let her get on top, she gon' ride non-stop (Rock out, rock out, rock out)
Nutted on her face, b*t*h, X marks the spot (Rock out, rock out, rock out, b*t*h)

Run up on me wrong, beat yo' ass like Tony Jaa (Damn)
Hi-C, I'm supreme, SRT, out the lot (Nyoom)
All that Mac sh*t, b*t*h I feel like Steve Jobs (Damn)
Beat that pu**y up, told her friend she can watch (Damn)
Tell me what's the deal, you gon' f**k the gang or not?
So high on these drugs, make me feel like a God (Oh my God)
She know I'm the one, baby girl connect the dots (b*t*h)
I got all the juice, I'm everything that they not (I am)
Shopaholic swag, Lenox mall, with them knots (Ching ching)
Cash out on these n***as, b*t*h you still window shop (Damn)
Smoking OG gas, smoking cream of the crop (b*t*h)
Smoking OG gas, my face stiff like Botox
Watch me rock out, just like Nathan Explosion (Rock out)
Got that book of spells, I'm a pretty boy occultist (b*t*h)
Pouring up that drank, b*t*h I'm pouring up that potion (b*t*h)
Crying blood tears, 'til I'm standing in a ocean (Rock out)