Lyrics : Beautiful Christmas

I rolled over and opened my eyes
Take a look out the window (and all the trees are covered in white)
Run down the stairs, all the stockings are stuffed
(The presents are everywhere)
Joy is in the air, feel like a child, wanna run around the house singing

Come on, come on, come on everybody get up (come on y'all)
Snow's fallin' everywhere
It looks like a winter wonderland (my family's all here and I'm so grateful)
Come on, come on, come on everybody get up
It's the best time of the year
And I'm so glad that it's finally here (I'm so happy it's here for a while)
Ring those bells, ring those bells
Get up everybody, Christmas time is here
Don't wanna miss this day
This is the day of Jesus' birthday, let's celebrate
Gather all the family, bring the babies around the Christmas tree
I know that there will be
Come on everybody, we're having a beautiful Christmas

See like my folks that get it, know
That they still kissing under mistletoe
Daddy frontin' sayin' no, but he can't stop his love this time of year
It brings joy, it brings hope
It brings peace, it brings everything
And it means everything to my family
Come on and sing with me