Lyrics : 3005 Freestyle

Wish I'd have a dollar for all the children I've fathered
No longer just bein' modest, the royal p*n*s is polished
I'm rollin' green, that's that Oddish, I'm lyin'- don't even know how to roll
I'm 'bout as weird as they go, I need more cheese for the cottage
f**k your degrees in your college, up in the net like a owl
But I'm no mason, no [?], forget my reference to comics
My life- my life's a whole graphic novel
Got syrup on all the pages, I'm stuck between a role model
And a generational f**k-up, mеntal patience, I run [?]
Loose opеration, no longer chasing your validation
It's pretty blatant, I'm not amazing, amalgamation
Of all the days when the hatin's all that they allocated
Now they payments is all I take while I have them waitin'
Workin' on the album, the last song is a battle of patience
Herdin' all the cattle, go sing a song of congratulations
It'd go something like "Woo", I'm Ludacris wit' the move
b*t*h, I'm on my way, [?] zoo, you n***as doctors, you do little
Don't wait till they bring Skittles, I handle my business now
A candle, I'm drippin'- ow, the plan is to burn it down
Till we find some common ground
'Cause everybody mad about something on the motherf**kin' Internet
I am not a victim, I'm a n***a known to get a check
Fixin' your prescription, fit description of a GOAT
Is it me? Well, it's obvious you've never seen a silhouette
Ayy, uhhh...
...This is weird