Lyrics : ​less of you

Ho-o-oh, ho-o-to-to-to-to
Ho-o-oh, ho-o-oh

Are you awake right now?
God, I just need to hear the sound of you
Please, calm me down
And I know that it's selfish, but
You are the only thing that's
Ever made sense to me, I
I don't wanna do this
I don't know how to do this without you

Cling to your side, voices at night
Cover my eyes, I'm terrified
No in between, a face on a screen
Ain't an adequate replacement for your being with me (Yeah-yeah)

Too much time in the limelight
Gimme your all on the landline
Want it so bad but I won't lie
And it just gets worse in the nighttime
Never stays for long
And she's gone in the morning