Lyrics : Walk Alone

Yeah, ayy

Oh, we been down this road before (Ayy)
Time has come to walk alone (Yeah)
And one last thing that you should know (Know, yeah)
I saw that message on your— (I can do this, ayy)
Oh, we been down this road before (Yeah)
A time has come to walk alone (Ayy)
And one last thing that you should know (Know, yeah)
I saw that message on your— (Ayy, ayy, woah)

This sh*t go one plus one, okay, I add it up
Okay, I treat you good, because you bad enough
Always on fleek, your attitude, it be so savage, love
We first fight, then f**k all night like we can't have enough

I love the old you
Now I don't feel like I know you
Saw you, gone through
But you never here when I need you
Always say that you busy
But on your phone when you with me
And the same when you kiss me
You change when I'm with you