Lyrics : Love Ain’t That Blind*

You could'a called me, you could'a warned me
Well, I don't get these signals that you boys send
You could'a told me things were changin'
But you just sat there, throwin' caution to the wind

And you know the world's gonna keep on spinnin'
And you'll sit back and watch and greet me

One day you're gonna open your eyes and see that I'm so gone
You're gonna look real hard, but you won't even see the dust trail I left behind
And one thing you don't know now, but you'll soon come to find:
You're girl saw it coming
Love ain't that blind

Now you left with all the pieces
Of what you thought you held in your hands
So what's your next move? Choose it wisely
'Cause you don't want to end up a lonely man

And don't bother callin' or sendin' a letter
Just know that I'm doin' so much better