Lyrics : Shots Fired

Natural Elements (ft. L-Swift and Mr. Voodoo) ft. Nightbreed - “Shots Fired”

From the
Crime hub, we find grub, thieve from a blind cub
Leave him in a pine tub, squeezing nine slugs at your
Spine and jug’ from an iron glove, never firing doves
Born to creep corners deep, swarming street, palm on heat
Clip long and deep. If you yawn or sleep, stay on your feet
Keep it close-range. Smoked brains spill like
Lo Mein. At point-blank, you need no aim. Just
Hold steady, cold blow flame. My piece is no gain
Can’t return that wig when broke peeps sharing Rogaine
Cocaine, white lines, weed, and dust all that’s
Feeding us. Long as fiends lust, that money leading us
We need to touch, but instead of keeping trust, some get
Greedy and rush. D’s scheming on us, you’re sloppy
Now we’re easy to touch, they watch me, trying to get
A speedier bust. Up for grabs, rushing, flushing, splash
Scrambling, nothing but nuts and ass, I aim
To crush remains in drains, but they’re coming too f**king fast

We’re battering rams verbally battering scrams, gathering
Grams, hand ‘em to the tidy roll-man, mighty cold
Can’t believe if he dived in and swam. Double
The doors where we bubble the raw for trouble from law
Wilding like boar. On the Second of March, your neck on the floor
Reading your rights in the heat of the night, talking
Mad tough, got your handcuffs, squeezing ‘em tight. D’s
We don’t like. In the speed of a light, ease out of sight through a
Hole in the wall like the cat dug at Shawshank
Slowly, I crawl where we keep the gat, crack, and small bank
Slither out while idiots watch the dot, trying to figure out
This life-sized drawing of Michael Jordan
Posterizing that kid Alonzo Mourning
Clear it out. Captains yells, “No time to hear him out.” Fear
None—no doubt—and my alias is Suge, I’ll bail them out

Quiet. (NB’s come), shots fired. (A wild)
(Riot), enemies run, (only die tired)
Quiet. (NE’s come), shots fired. (A wild)
(Riot), enemies run, (but only die tired)

Yo, yo, it’s NE
NBs, n***a, f**k y’all feelings
Hit your crib, bust y’all children, sh*t like that
Shots fired touch y’all ceiling, twist y’all back
High-wire, rush y’all building. b*t*h, our gats
Navigate, switch y’all maps. We ‘posed to be busting. I make
What I write official like notary public
Smoked-out, folding my duckets, I’m broke now, over my budget
Check what I wrote now, it’s close to the subject
NE squeeze three in your shoulder. Oh, you got a .22
n***a? See me when your heater get older. I see
NBs when it’s over, Voo with gun in hand
It’s some family sh*t, only the crew would understand

In Crooklyn, where the
Territory you male warriors dwell, cooking narcotic
Inventory for sales. I begin the story with shells, I be the
Playwright like August Wilson ‘cause f**king with me
Drama’s all you’re gonna see. I’m something you don’t wanna be
A crime odyssey. Front on me, but y’all know
Like James Todd, the god is me, it’s prophecy. Ain’t no
Escaping doom. First, it’s gaping wounds then crates in tombs. I’m f**king
With guns, my bullets is impregnating wombs. To
Facilitate, you run, but I debilitate the dumb, deliberate
With ten tongues, but I obliterate with guns
NB, NE specialize in B ‘n’ E, sweep
The enemy off the streets like we’re TNT

Quiet. (NB’s come), shots fired. (A wild)
(Riot), enemies run, (only die tired)
Quiet. (NE’s come), shots fired. (Wild)
(Riot), enemies run, (but only die tired)