Lyrics : Team

Rebel 6ix (BIL)
Yow, Lani
Ehhh, ehhh-yeahh
Say one love one order
Say one love one order
One love one order

Say mi love my team
Living mi life and together we defend it
Say mi love my team
Limit is the sky and we f**k up every minute
Say mi love my team
Love my team (BIL)
Love my team
And mi nah pretend it (No, BIL)

The malandros will ride fi yuh
No hesitation to rise di rifle fi yuh
From yuh diss di link, di place might'nt see yuh
Yuh whole area code will frighten fi yuh
Other than that, make weh buss ah shot
Yuh know what’s after that
We stock up woman, private zessing is di aftermath
When it come to niceness, yeah yuh know we are di heart of that
And yuh talk bout war, cah we study di art of that