Lyrics : Wayback

Yeah, c'mon
Yeah, yeah yeah
Turn me all, all the way up, yeah
All the way up, c'mon
That's it, I wanna hear myself

Yeah, we are now back, back to our regular scheduled program
Yeah, uh huh
We are now back, from our commercial break
We apologize for the wait

Apologies due in advance for my silent submission
Been laying low and doing me like ducking extradition
Recording record after record, where's the recognition?
This excellence no accident, this more like intuition
No innuendos, it's just tempos and these flows I'm giving
This potent vision bloom and blossom like an open lily
Just keep it tasteful, hate to be the one that overdid it
Consider the facts and try to face your fate, don't fold and quit it, we going wit' it
Tunnel vision, tumbling force and we pressing the issue
Go and get it, tell me what's the problem if you really wit' it?
How this stopping, how you condescending if you got no options
We live by the code, this the eternal doctrine
I'd rather build a dynasty, I'm clocking in
I'd rather put the "i" in team, you watching me
Rather be counted out until they count me in
Had to change the plan so I re-routed it
Heard the sound of this, I been grounded since (I'm too high)