Lyrics : Intrinsic

Knowledge, n***a
Uh huh
Yes lawd

"Y'all appointed me to bring rap justice"

I introduce the friction
Spiritually I feel inclined, this ain't no useless mission
Infecting your mind with something positive through my convictions
I'm giving you more than just the average
The lavishness, the callousness, cataclysmic savages
Madness laced with the truth inside of these audio passages
My rhymes ain't for the faint of heart, a pacifist
Anyone saying different never walked a mile inside my [wally?] moccasins
Ahead of my f**king time, my vision is similar to binoculars
n***as are fading fast, a step behind, they all inoperative
They playing a role and playing a part
They playing into the politics
Unable to recognize all this colossalness
Them gimmicks get 'bout as old as a fossil is
Fantasies of the novices not for me, I'm an optimist
So give me a beat and blunt and I'll transform like Optimus
I'm painting a perfect picture for listeners to composite it
n***as are taking the road of least resistance
I can not oblige if it don't coincide with the vision

"Y'all appointed me to bring rap justice"

n***a we been through too much to throw the towel in, that would be blasphemy
Living a life of purpose, pulling the strings, controlling the strategy
I maximize my gift so that my future's not a casualty
I'm moving accordingly, outside of the box and not conformity
Still alive, we prosper and strive to fight the dormancy
Throwing punches like Tyson to find some silence and normalcy
I'm looking inside my soul not just the surface, see there's more to me
We going against the grain, these other n***as move accordingly
Filming every moment of the sacred in the name of business
Battling with your pride and ego, back and forth like playing tennis
Living inside the land of the blind where you couldn't find convictions
n***a's will sell they soul, get out of control to profit from the image
We'll package it up and sell it to 'em, turn 'em into believers
Follow the leader, consumers more like golden retrievers
They love the chase, they love the game even if it's deceiving
Keep giving 'em what they want not what they need
They'll never leave you

"Y'all appointed me to bring rap justice"
Uh huh
Knowledge, n***a
Uh huh