Lyrics : Mad About Bars S5 E8

You see this one here, it's different
(Jungle on this one)
We're about to introduce you to
A rapper, who in my opinion is gonna be the one of the most exciting to come through this year
Coming out of Essex he's too different with it
Flows, bars
It's French the Kid

Chief on the street I'm so real
f**k with gorillas, I been in that field
Done it to kill
Don't know the feeling
The enemy's bleeding, it gets so misleading
Like taking a pill, making a deal
Fiends on the left and the right on me still
Shootin for veins might get a feels
Might get a chills
Next day alive, but they might've been killed
In the trap, my own brother's friends got me moving the crack
I was so young, I could never look back
Bro, it ain't worth it, I'll do it for racks, I'll do it to stack
Bands, my own brother got lost to the cause
I remember one night he tried hanging himself
Then he overdosed up-on the floor, sh*t