Lyrics : Intro

[Spoken Word: ToiNoStory]
I told you to stop fucking calling me
I'm—I told you, I promise you, I can't even talk to you right now, I fuckin' hate you
No, for real, like, stop fucking calling me
I will delete you, I will block
On every fuckin' time you call me (But I'm, I'm done)
I'm gonna fuckin' block you
And then you can't fuckin' talk to me no more
Off Snapchat (Okay), off Face—, I don't wanna hear from you no more (Okay, alright, bae)
Alright, I'm gonna hang up on you now, okay?
So stop fuckin' calling me
I said, "I hate you," stop calling me
Delete my fucking number because I'm done (Haha)
Is that good? (Like, you're tryin' me right now)
Uh, I can't yell at a phone (I'll fuckin' block you, and then you ain't gon')
Nigga, you ain't do shit for me, I promise you
I promise, do you want that?
All the shit I did for you
Okay, alright, talk all this big shit like you gon' be somethin'
You not gon' be shit, I promise you
I put that on everything I love, you gon' be stuck where the fuck you're at
And you gon' be wishin' that you knew me (Go 'head)
Okay, go 'head, talk all that shit now
But who had your back? Me, I did