Lyrics : ​untitled (country song)

Baby, you think you got it but you ain't got nothin'
Ah-ha, ha
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Wait, oh
sh*t (Woo)
That's that sh*t
That sh*t, ooh
(That sh*t, right there) Ooh

I click Safari (I click that b*t*h)
We shoot these Nazis, n***a we keep the peace (I keep that sh*t)
My whip so old, baby my whip so [?] (Dat sh*t)
My chest is numb, f**k n***a my ass is [?] (Feel so cold)
It's Goldman Sachs, my n***a we keep it cold
I change a life every time I hit the bowl
We can't be stopped, we killin' rock 'n' roll, roll

My back, my neck, my chest, my face
This pain, it hurts, ah, it hurts