Lyrics : 2020 CYPHER


Intro: Little T
Josh Tate, Little T, BGMedia cypher
Let's tell em' again

(JMD on the beats)

Verse 1: Little T
Got a [?] drop it on the end way
Yeah I'm 'bout to call me f*ck, call me sensei
Yeah I won't make bad, don't care what them says
Make your money yeah everyday anyway, and they don't wanna chat to me then, so get away
Make your money yeah everyday anyway, and they don't wanna chat to me then, so get away
Make your money yeah
I just want to party and bullsh*t, when a [?] when they see it
I want peeps to look me like I'm filthy rich, spends all his money on weed and chicks
When I pull up to this show when I have a pick, that prick yeah you talkin' like you clapped this di*k, tap tap pick never clapped a stick
Daft prick never clapped a stick

Verse 2: Afghan Dan
Yo tell em' I listen
I'm from Blackpool not [?]
Never been a given, don't chat sh*t yeah, trust round my ends you can go missing
I was on a wing, gonna buy chicken, full board and nobody suck there [?]
And when it gets hot it a (b*tch) man can't ever test me stop wishing
Nah finna mad man from an infant, different and if I pray man I'm Christian
I would never spittin' on fictions, I [?] on a map in an instant
Finna mad man from an infant, different and if I pray man I'm Christian

Verse 3: Shelton
Yo uh
f*ck the brats and stinks, been stabbed in the back by so-called mates, don't talk to the [?], no face no case, if you're running up a place, draw for the blade
Cut up face, red eye from puttin' on haze, ay
Man don't ever do lay like change when I got away
Now I'm back in Blackpool with a Baker
I miss my brothers, I miss the ends you know? I miss my cousins, I miss some friends you know?
Wanna splash cash on a Fendi coat, but yeah we'll see man spending those, tryna' stack cash what a flat stack in my backpack, man gets slapped if you back chat, big [?] blade if you clap clap
Karate kick to your chin goes snap snap
(Your chin goes snap snap)

Verse 4: Youngy
Straight outta' [?] ...
My still [?] never ain't Tom [?]
Everytime on the mic I will go hard G
People will all go gassed yeah they the best parties
All these mans yeah they call me Youngy
I don't trap never ain't called [?]
Big old JMD on the beat yeah cuz' it's funky
Come with the kicks or we're calling it a 'punchie'
Like what do I say right now? b*tch boy get out the way right now
I took bae right now, bet your fate right watch out cuz' if you don't I will take man down, straight to the ground, sit right now
there mad cuz' it ain't on now
Yeah you are just a clown, shut that mouth cuz' you just smoke brown

Verse 5: Jack Richardson (Ricko)
Knock knock [?] ...
I be tryna' live my life G most of these mans talk sh*t and try slide me
f*ck labels, I know they can't sign me
R I C K O man too grimy, I'll p*ss on the streets the fuzzy can't find me, hide and seek but nobody finds me
[?]Get killed off kindly, 60 plus 60 and I'm on that lively
Nahnahnahnah they don't have to find me, anytime any place that's why they like me
It's R I C K yeah to the O, it's that seaside man with the flow
Man wanna clash okay then get [?] coma then I go for the flow I leave em' exposed

Verse 6: papirus
You know who it is, p-p-papirus
Killing MC's like coronavirus, puttin' em' under like a cyrus put em' on the mic, call me your highness
Like sun and moon I shine and glow
Yeah that's me with a peppermint flow, so fresh, so clean
Straight cold bro, getting your attention like gelato
Some might not see tomorrow, but that's not yours it's only borrowed
So much pain, striving sorrow but I stay [?] ...
You can't see my pain but you can hear that ting, I spray venom like a scorpion sting, come over here as I do my thing and I shine more than any diamond ring bling bling

Verse 7: CallyManSamm
I am the best of the town not you, I'm top one you're not top two
Bad man ting wit' the bad man stew
Nah but man you're not part of the crew, nah but man you're not part of the gang, nah but G you're not half of a man, nah CallyMan you're [?] to a man, too many man not part of my plan
I'm a lil' guy but startin' on a man, bad man ting come clash to the clan
Yeah I f*cked you, get bashed to the pan, ask about me take that to your nan
Leave her head bashed up like a gram, just had [?] I'm an evil man
Evil guy with an evil punish you'll be locked down in [?]

Verse 7: Conlan
C to the N and I'm back with a bang, back on gram I slew your gang and if you chat sh*t follow through with a bang, don't wanna hear man swore that he stacked them bands, if they did then I roll through with a man then I get him gassed up for a pic on her gram
C to the N bare man no doubt when I walk in a [?] full of ounces of cash
Jump on the beat espe- like on a track that's facts, any man daring to clash if he's acting mad I'll stage this, smack with a mic in hand
Mate we have got bars and bars that'll run out the pad if he's actin' then he's gonna get (Shing) but I save that sh*t for after the clash cuz' you're gonna get pow with a [?] are you mad?

Verse 8: JLE (Jordan Lee Ellis)
I am back with a bang, too many man wanna chat to the gang
Too many man wanna talk online, that's why so many man get banged
Too many man wanna talk on my name but they don't say sh*t when it's on sight
Make em' seize to the walk of shame, you're not worthy if you're not in my line
Let me get back to this I go hard with the bars and I rap this [?] ...
And you're rid of that [?] sh*t yeah let's try talkin' past the biff
Look, I go sick and I [?] ...
Don't interrupt if man's not finished look
Is the hate now? Now with the [?] look
Catch me for writin' bars or billin' up