Lyrics : Can We Do Today Again?

This morning everything was going great
Woke up on top of it all
Honestly, I didn't see that I would fall

Flash-forward and I really cannot overstate
How totally my ship went down
And now my son might run me out of town

I'd love to change what I have done
But I don't have that kind of control
Failed Father Island, here I come
Where I'll eat only sand and poop in a hole

I thought I was a genius
But it turns out I just a dumb dad
A prrrt on a scale of one to ten

Why didn't I foresee this?
I ruined this day and now I'm sad
Please, can we do today again?

Hello, today is going great
Knock wood, I'm on top of it all
Honestly, I never expected this windfall

At home, my heart began to palpitate
Wasn't sure how this would go down
I fully thought my ship would run aground