Lyrics : Voice Mail #1 (Workshop)


Roger, it's Dave
This is the last time you have left me without a bartender
Two Buds!
Don't bother coming in next week
Rolling rock!
You're 86ed


That was a very loud beep
I don't even know if this is working, Mark
Mark, are you there?
Are you screening your calls?
It's Mom
We wanted to call to say we we love you
And we'll miss you tommorrow
Cindy and the kids are here, send their love
I hope you like the hot plate
Just don't leave it on, dear
Whеn you leave the housе
Oh, and Mark
You're father got a call from Chemical Bank
I don't know how they got our number
But, we meant when we said that you're cut off
Love, Mom!

Dudes, it's Benny
I know it's Christmas, but I need the cash
Something big, I'm on my way
Don't block the box a-hole!