Lyrics : Canopy

Yeah, yo, uh
Yeah, let's go
Woah, look

I'm in my element
That's all in [?], it don't sound like a medicine (a medicine)
should be hitting so I guess it makes sense
Where would I go?
Boy, who I'm better than?
Not even gone wonder where that cheddar been
Edison, the way he switch a switch
Ooh, I'm plugging in
Sticking to the body like I'm sweating man (yup)
Living water and I'm chugging it
Me minus God I'm a goof (uh huh)
That's the truth (uh huh)
I'ma hit the roof (uh huh)
Ask the crew, I be crooked like my tooth (uh huh)
That's the scoop (uh huh)
So we glue (uh huh)
I can't lose (uh huh)
Ok, I had to switch the kicks cause I'm really running (running)
Ain't got no pieces of me missing cause the Lord done it (done it)
And if I don't stay on my knees then my soul plummet (plummet)
You better go get right with Jesus (we coming) cause he still coming
Ok (yeah, you know)