Lyrics : Airport Sushi

Yeah, I'll get this Chobani yogurt with no spoon to eat it with, please

Yeah, and I'd like a bottle of water that will roll to the back of the plane as soon as we take off

Right, 15 dollar Dasani water, extra plastic

And you know what? I will grab the sushi, too

I'm sorry?

This sushi, y'know? The spicy tuna roll that has been sitting in the display case next to the ham-and-cheese panini

You're sure you want to eat the sushi?

You're buying sushi at LaGuardia Airport? Have you lost your damn mind?

Well, I want a nice balance of carbs and protein. Just sell me the sushi, man

Your wish is my command, kemo sabay. Oh Phantom of LaGuardia, why don't you tell this fine young man how he'll feel after he eats our sushi?

In dreams it's haunting you
That fish you ate
The expiration date
Is in 1-8
And still you're choosing it
As food for plane
The Phantom of the Bathroom is there
It smells insane

I am the sushi chef
That made that roll
The fish inside of it
Crawled out a hole
Yet you're consuming it
This great mistake
You'd honestly be so much better off
Eating a Wuhan snake

Is he supposed to be a pigeon?

No, he's one of the geese that took down Sully's plane

Miracle on the Hudson? More like Massacre in the Sky

There's just a bird loose in the terminal?

Of course there is. Haven't you been to LaGuardia before?

I like to wait at LaGuardia
Lots of good rates at LaGuardia
Too small for planes at LaGuardia

Watched a man die at LaGuardia

Baggage claim carousels clink clank

Outlets are there for a cool prank

Loose wires hang from the ceiling

Gives you a skanky old feeling

I like to be at LaGuardia
It's hard to breathe at LaGuardia

Who can land planes at LaGuardia?

I'll tell you who you can blame!

Auntie Orphan Annie!

When anything's bad, DeBlasio
Throw your hands up and say, "DeBlasio"
You'll feel shame
I know some of it was Mike Bloomberg
But it still feels like DeBlasio
Is to blame

Why are there bike lanes on the tarmac?

But the taxis must stay three miles away

DeBlasio, DeBlasio
The cops hate DeBlasio
And keep

And look! Here comes the crying baby about to board a transcontinental flight

Goo goo ga
Goo goo ga
I'm streaming cry boy
Got a striper
In my diaper
It's a stinky stool, boy!

Just play it cool, unaccompanied baby, real cool

If my parents are looking for me, which they're not, I'll be in the kids' playground that's also a pet relief area

Wow, they let a baby through security

Did someone say security?

Hello, Guy Who Travels in Pajamas

That's right! I dress so that TSA can have easy access to my body

So if you care to search me
I'll spread my legs real wide
I'll even bend over for you
You can take a peek inside

You can tell that I enjoy security
You can search way up in my cavity
You can pat me down
You don't have to use the front of your hands

Okay, Jesus, we get it. You can continue on to Cleveland now

How did you know I was going to Cleveland?

That's where everyone at LaGuardia's going, like it or not

Attention, we have a gate change for passengers going to Cleveland. Your old gate was A7, your new gate is G46. It is physically impossible for you to make it to that gate in time, and the plane will leave empty. Thank you!

See, I told you we should have left out of JFK

And I guess I should have stayed home


Oh, relax, I'm not sick. I'm just a

Profiled Asian
Standing beside you
If I cough, then it's over
You'll get off the plane

Profiled Asian
No, I wasn't in Parasite
I know the virus is bad, but
It's coming from Italy, too

Man, this airport is its own world

Yes, a third world

If you stay here long enough, you will learn the mysteries of LaGuardia

Why, it's the baggage handler who tosses everyone's suitcase into Long Island Sound

That's right, and you should know that

We're on a plane to nowhere
Come on inside
They say it's about to take off
That is a lie
Sure, it will start to taxi
But then it comes back
We're on a road to our motel