Lyrics : Saying Grace

I gotta say grace for these niggas, they turned into my enemies
Only live once, that's what all these people tellin' me
Kill 9 lives out a pussy nigga pedigree
I'm too ahead of time for this shit to be my destiny (Boom)
Boy I been around, made some chips, up off some Sesame
I've been up in the streets, these bitches always wanted sex with me
Bitch, I got my stripes, I call them plays like I'm a referee
I ain't tellin' nothing to a sheriff, fuck a deputy
Huh, wild-wild west
I been smoking quite a lot 'cause I been wild wild stressed
Niggas talkin' on me, get a wild-wild vest
Cause we never pull up on you, send a child hit his neck
I was 17 with a bag on my own
Was outside with the chrome, we outside of your home
Run into his crib, take it all and then we go
I don't like to brag about it, fuck it nod for the song
Yeah, did this all on my own
I be all on my own yeah
Lone ranger with a-, uh, cold anger 'cause I'm-, uh
Way too slept on, uh
Lone ranger with a-, cold anger 'cause I'm-, uh
Way too slept on, uh, never stepped on, uh
Got a bad bitch, uh, go in depth for her, uh
My bitch bad as fuck, these other bitches average
Got this chopper on me, do you want the static?
Like Socking all these niggas, they ain't know I gassed this
God forgive 'em 'cause they ain't know what they doin, uh
We can really fuck around and get you ruined
Sorry for the negatives that I've influenced
I experience too much to not get through it though
I know that you bought a gun, but you won't shoot it though
I be in the wild west, but we can duel it out
Uh-hey, uh-uh, spin the block around
Bring the choppers out, uh
Niggas actin' out
Niggas actin' out
Get the choppers out, uh
Sayin' grace for 'em, gotta pray for 'em
They don't know no better, they don't know about us, yeah
They ain't know about us