Lyrics : MARY JANE

Ayy, yo', how's everybody feelin'?
Haha, how y'all feel in this mother f**ker?
Yo', first things first though
I think I just need to address something
We all need to have fun, haha
Yo', pass the lighter
We turnin' up tonight

Shawty, you been know a n***a f**k with you
sh*t, I even said that I'm in love with you
Make me feel so better and it's everyday
Married to the money, want a Mary Jane

Back schemin' off of 10 Ave
The jake cars just sped past
Wraith cost me ten times the ten on your ten bands
Can't count her DM's, but twerks in a handstand
Okay, oh-oh, okay, oh-oh

Mary Jane (Haha)
Mary Jane (Hahaha)