Lyrics : Hot Boy

Young Rich Squad
Yeah, haha, look

Yeah, they know I'm a hot n***a
Sold a thousand grams before I popped, n***a
Diamonds do they dance on the block with us
Haters feelin' hurt, like I shot n***as
I get it though, n***as on the top now
Had to get the Benzerelli with the top down
Got these b*t*hes droppin' panties and they top down
Haha, yeah, and they top down
I ain't tryna win a GRAMMY, need the Oscar
These n***as is some actors, they impostors
I'ma eat filet up with the pasta
I be smokin' dope like I'm a rasta (Young Rich Squad)

Ayy, why these n***as mad? 'Cause I'm different, n***a
Why you b*t*hin', n***a? You be snitchin', n***a
.33 up in the paint, like Scottie Pippen, n***a
Point and aim, I only shoot it if he flinchin', n***a
Uh, n***a get it back
I'm a hot n***a ever since I sold a sack
Remember, posted for the low, I'm stackin' every pack, uh
I can get whatever, tell me where you're at