Lyrics : Means To An End

*From snippet*
We just need something to believe in again
A means to an end

I'll do anything for better luck
I know confidently it does not control this
Found a penny that was heads up, picked it up and threw it in a pond of goldfish
Dig at the end of the rainbow maybe that'll help me feel special
Sentimental sh*t I'll never let go, waving back at the Maneki Neko
The cat been beckonin'
I done let it out the bag I probably should have kept it in
n***a lookin malevolent I'm evidently spotted like leopard print
I got a lead-foot never lied backpedalin'
A money magnet bet and win, laws of attraction cause a reaction
Prayed first put it in a verse now it's in the universe I believe it's gotta happen

Everybody passin' they made up an assassin
To hit us in a flash when it clash with a pathogen I'ma get to blasting the gatling back at them
Put 'em in the bag and I fasten 'em
Wanna murder me with the virus
You can see the itis in the iris
Abide is nothing I'ma try
We gon' fight it
The riot is about to fly cause we divided