Lyrics : Celebrate

I’ve got the fever
And this heat’s gonna last all night (Woo!)
Came here for treatment
But I don’t see the end in sight
There’s no medication
There’s no drug that can cure what I have
Dance floor elation
Is the only thing that's gonna make me feel (Feel alright)
When I walk in the club and the beat's so strong (Feel alright)
The DJ’s playin' my favorite song (Feel alright)
And there’s no way that this feeling is wrong

Don’t say maybe, come on baby
Let’s go crazy tonight, all night
No, 'cause we’re not goin’ home
'Til we burn it up and see the morning light

Party people gonna stay up late
Ooh, and celebrate tonight
Grab your dancin' shoes
Put away those blues tonight, oh, tonight
And if you think you’re at the right place (Oh, yeah)
Well then, victory’s in sight
And if love is what we’re after
(Celebrate) Tonight’s the night