Lyrics : Song Cry 2020

You know you love me
Like cook food

Mimic who

Ya name long

Let’s go

A sin
Since free lunch

Improving improving
Like jimmy in

I say
We used believe In
Jordan Yarborough

Now we . Shouldn’t
Sike naw he’s the one
Always the clutches
I loved my point of view
3rd person
Even when U
U too threw the punches

Still I left u
And all My friends
Like Lisa kudrow and them

Some where
Looking for pro nitrous
Pronos misspelling porn
Let’s go get some b*t*hes

Bed bugs on the arms

Ones that do poems

Driven b*t*hes
The one that
That love core
I hope you can understand
Shouldn’t have fought now

The times and I know it
Same thing
Happened to Kobe

Deep down it’s heart felt shizz

Wipe the beam out eyes
I don’t wanna see you cry
Didn’t I explain the
Beam in thine eye

Moses Summertime

Cause it’s should be getting back cold now

I just explained the beam in my eye

Same why
It’s nippy out side
Around the same time nippsey

It all make since now

Grills that kiss
Girls that
Roll a el
Ride the el

For me

Watching rap
Pretending I’m jayz

Artificial fight like
He a b*t*h
Alphabet make believe in Jesus quick

You want credit
Stay thurl as shizz

Who help you get the keys

We was so happy poor
But when we got rich
That’s when signal got crossed and ts got flipped

You gotta know what make
Speak like this
Make me Breath like this
Lemme see that’s it’s


You forgot that quick

She like used to Try to bite it
Now she actually like it

Used scroll right by it
And Wouldn’t like it

Now my song spread like the

Then it distorted
Don’t that rhyme with Jordan
Now I don’t remember who

Wipe the beam out eyes
I don’t wanna see you cry
Didn’t I explain the
Beam in thine eye

On the low
I didn’t put ya name in my song

Word back home
That I was born with a twin

So late
You found about my kin
I’d rather walk away
Then you getting at me

How was I supposed
They all wanted dap from

If you knew what
I do with my hands
Lit whack
You wouldn’t wanna give me dap

We alll friend and you hot
You don’t do shizz
Like that

I’m da son of man
You got pride
I can't do bizz like that

You don’t make me up and leave
In front of don’t say b*t*h like that

At the blacktop you could blacked
Why treat me like that

God forgive me for all that
In da
Jameer way back

He’s gone for ever
So I’ll morn forever

Yo you gotta deal with the fact
You did him wrong forever

Wipe the beam out eyes
I don’t wanna see you cry

Didn’t I explain the
Beam in thine eye

Like Moses when I part the tide

I can tell from ya pride you
So I gotta let this song fight

Wipe the beam out ya eye
I don’t wanna see you cry