Lyrics : Sho Nuff

I need a Cha Cha beat, boy

Boy, we runnin' up those numbers yeah our stock goin' up
There was nothin' on my wrist but now my watch glowin' up
Couple Asian boys we tatted and the spot blowin' up
Boy, we taking over put that on the squad SHO NUFF, yeah
We do this
(Put that on the squad SHO NUFF) Yeah
We do this

Look, I was born to do this sh*t
I'm from K-Pop but don't get it twisted like contortionists
They might take your life before you had one like abortionists
If you askin' who they is, man, homie I don't know the sh*t
I don't be on the block I don't be in the blogs
I just be at the top I just be in the stu'
Homie, huh? Never knew?
Asking what? Asking who?
Now you 'bout to find out who I is like I just took your jewels
$tupid throwin up them gang signs while I'm throwing up that liquor
Flyest Asian boy you watch your girl before I stick her
She be all up on me, boy, you swear she was a sticker
I'm that young big homie you should probably call me mister, Uh