Lyrics : Patents of Nobility

It’s the Phantom of the Chakra
Slumdog Opera
RapRadar NahRight OkayPlayer moshup
I went from nothing into something like the Planet Earth
I showed these major labels how to make a man from dirt
And breathe in his nostrils, fill him up with Gospel
Leave him at the mountain top blasting at the Rothschilds
Who dat? Jay Elect, Voodoo Man
From the Lost Land of Mu, sands the Zulu scanned
It's just real Black History
Robert LeRoy Ripley
Believe it or not, I'm gon' spit it till they strip me
Crown me with thorns
March me up the hill crucifix me then ditch me
The rest is all mystery
I be in New Orleans making water out of whiskey
Casting judgment on the IRS who audited the Gypsies
Tipsy, I got the game Tipsy
Staggering out the club, dropping coins in the jitney
Patents of Nobility