Lyrics : Monster


I cannot bear what you see in me
It seem me, and the dreams I gotta live
I'm stuck with this soul that won't stop bleedin', every evening
I'm not too good at sleepin', won't you come and please me?
She is the burden and the beast that call up into mist
Talk it up, f**k with me feel doin' drugs (Hot)
Bittersweet, bass in my system is setting hard, yeah
I'm monster, I will be going 'til I'm gone
I will be going 'til I'm gone

Ridin' 'round to this to this song (To this song, yeah, yeah)
Hate the way I feel inside
You broke my heart, I think it's done (Ayy)
All the things I wish you'd say
I break 'em off and pull my head
Drag her slowl' instead
Ridin' 'round, favorite flav'
Think I'm right and think I'm dead
I don't care 'bout that no more
If I see her think I'll flip
Ridin' 'round, pull my head
Driving through, see me dead
Gotta whip that [?]
Got too many in my ride