Lyrics : That’s Enough

Two times as good
Twice the beauty, twice the fun
More than four walls
'Cause inside, we're cooking up
A lifetime of adventures
Mischief and romance
That's the good stuff
That's enough

Never mind your pedigree
You and me, babe, that's a match
Let's make new memories
Think of schemes that we can hatch
Make magic of the simple things
A few bones, our home and some pups, yeah
That's the good stuff
That's enough

So, I was thinking
If you and I could take the day off
Go around town, visit some of our favorite spots
'Cause there's nothing like
Spending time together, you know, you and I
How about we get into some good trouble?
You know that kind of trouble
Oh, do-boo-do-do, yeah

Better than ever now
Wanna howl it at the moon
Feeling invincible
'Cause you and me, we're in cahoots
Now, the thing that I would switch up
Some black cat couldn't change my luck
I got you, babe
Oh, we've got each other now
That's the good stuff
That's enough