Lyrics : Me And My Guitar

Me and my guitar always in the same mood
I am mostly flesh and bones and he is mostly wood
Never does grow impatient for the changes I don't know, no
If he can't go to heaven, maybe, I don't want to go, Lord

Picture me in the key of E, call me Uncle John
Any fool can easily see that we go back a long time
Feel something like fine to me, there's no such thing as the wrong time
He hops up on my knee, singing: ''Get down, Pops, it's song time''

Every now and then I'm a lonely man
It's nice to know that I've got a Friend
Puts his power right in my hand
All I've got to do is the best I can, if I can

I got a dog named David, I got a bird named Dinah
I got a birthmark on my thigh in the shape of Mainland China
Got a somewhat southern accent 'cause I come from Carolina
And if you want to find us, we'll be walking right behind you

I hear horns, I hear voices, I hear strings
Seems I was born with too many choices
Now what am I going to do with all these extra things
As they serve to confuse me, really

It's me and my guitar
Essentially me and my guitar
Oh, maybe a few friends fall by for tea
A little bit of Who Do You Love?
But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
It's me and my guitar
Having fun, boogie-woogie, gotta, uh-huh, me and my guitar
Me and my guitar, me and my guitar