Lyrics : Abby Mode



It’s the 19th birthday of Abby Louie
Our favorite girl who always has to pee
Your clout levels are high and you’re super artSY
You’re an extremely rad person from your head to your kNEE (caps!)

We wanted to hop on to the rap scene
For a birthday message during Quarantine
You’re the kindest person we’ve ever seen
Don’t ever drop. Your CROWN queen

We made this rap to Sicko Mode cuz it’s your favorite song
We hope you spend your birthday partying all night long

Your kpop game is crazy, you make me sarang-heyo
I want to call you “oppa!” every day baby - yooo
Drop it like its hot (on your kneecaps!) MMMMM yea
You make us feel special whether you like it or not!

You make my base kick it - like a bruce lee ;)
Just like you’re b**s Baekhyun you always have to pee

Today is your birthday and you deserve all the raps
Cuz br0 you’re so beautiful with them nice kneecaps
From eighth grade (yikes) to marching band we’ve had lots of fun
And don’t forget that our iCOnic handshake is number one

Ur amazing, kind, creative, and more, so we all can see
Beyonce who? The real queen B is A B B

A baby a bee miss di*k f abby louie
Your luscious long legs really makes me whoooieee!!
Yuta michael jackson? Siwon toy story woody?
But out of all these comparisons, the one that makes some fury..
Is you and will smith!

You make me really greasy ;) like firetruck nct
U make my heart so warm, like a hot cup of tea;)))

Your chaotic personality makes me uwu
To the point i want wanna cuddle you
But quarantine just said oH no no boo
It is ok tho cuz at least we don’t aCHOO
You brighten our days through the screen, huh who?
Abby louie, she is our great shampoo
She happily washes away all of our blues
She also makes art that’s not peepeepoopoo
You never really know what she’s gonna do
It’s always a surprise, always something new
She never backs down, she always follows through

But no cap I don’t need a map
To know this road of friendship hasn’t been a trap
In fact it’s been great, there’s no debate
That my life’s been changed for the better in the grade of eight

Now tessellate, cause a pattern is showin’
Your future is bright, and opportunities growin’
But it’s not as bright as you, with your brain that is knowin’
That since 2001 your personality’s glowin’...


Abee bee louie you're one cool cat
I love all ur works on abbys rat
Impeccable, a bad b*tch gemini
U leave all the nerds out to get drip-dry
Logic, chaos, talent, u got everything
In the perfect balance, like ur dual wielding
Knowing u for this long i can safely say
Ur presence is a present
Happy nineteenth birthday!

Abby you’re so cool | One might say too cool for skool (12)
I think
You are so | talented
Your art is | amazing
Your mind is | marvelous
Your brain is | enormous

Quarantine really sucks And i wish that we could meet up
But im glad | we can mingle through zoom In our rooms yeah
Happy nineteenth birthday !! I hope it’s really fun!