Lyrics : Shepherd

Tru Ambassador Music
Me did tell dem a the beginning (Beginning, yeah)
Say we a further fi go (Go, oh)
Patriots, yeah

A we dem used to laugh after
Now a who have the last laughter?
Yeah, me see dem smile
And me know a true me start prosper
Dem waan fi take man fi black santa
Me used call dem phone, dem never waan answer
Go round we like we a corner
But as time goes by, dem see a we dem cyaan conquer
Me a the ship weh dem did waan anchor
Whoa, whoa, whoa

Tell you say we a go make it out and you never believe
When me say me a go do the road, dem gone asleep
Now all of a sudden weh we sow, dem waan fi reap
But man a shepherd, so me know wolf from the sheep