Lyrics : Deeper Than Rap

I don't wanna make friends, I don't wanna break the ice
I think about my life and I analyze
The gun man was aimin' at me but he wasn't precise
I look down the barrel of the gun and saw paradise
They don't wanna see us win, they wanna sabotage
The next time they see me in the flesh, I be camouflage
Heard the man talk greasy, he's thinkin' he's hard
'Til I catch him lackin' there with your Nicki Minaj
I'ma keep the next thing in my cousin's garage
Jakes won't find shit if they run in my yard
How you live you life when your life's a facade?
How many time did I lie to my marge?
I wasn't even rollin' with the entourage
I'm takin' my time when I'm playin' my cards
You know them niggas always gon' try to catch me off guard
They think I'm talkin' to myself but I'm talkin' to God
I know my skin look fresh but I come from the mud
I was in a bad mood until I smoked in a bud
Handle your business, don't brush it under the rug
You wasted my time and I felt like I was robbed
All I need is some mash and a corn on a cob
I was chillin' with Chanel but I called her a cab
I'm so on my job that I sleep in the lab
You think I'll go without a fight but I think that you're mad
I knew they was comin' so I sat and waited
They try to burst through the door but it was barricaded
I wasn't lost in the sauce but I was marinated
We looked at the stars and then we navigated
We started thinkin' as one then we elevated
We never said the word, we just demonstrate it
No blacks, no dogs, we were segregated
They took our history then they went and erased it
I'm just a roadman so why am I preachin'?
God made you sexy, so why you bleachin'?
How you send your son to school and don't know what they teach him?
How you be finesse block and you don't know the reason?
Me I love myself 'cause I'm black and I'm gorgeous
Why they wanna kill us for natural resources?
Every move that you make, you have to be cautious
I work with the powers, I work with the forces
And the Almighty gets all the praise
I make my salah 'cause I'm stuck in the maze
I saw a sister and I lowered my gaze
I had to lay low for a couple of days
I'm still with the mob but I chill on my G's
Be careful your drink don't get spilled on my J's
The way I left your block in disarray
Don't do as I do, just do as I say
Spark a Dutchie, I'm in my element
Provide for the family, pay the rent
Tell you what I stand for, what I represent
I heard what you said but I know what you meant
I read between the lines when you told me things
I'm from the road so you don't think I'm intelligent
I had to fill up the candy with some medicine
I'm made from carbon, they call it melanin
The way I tell you everything, I was genuine
You had a red eye, that's why you never win
I won't even say a word, I just pepper him
How can a man judge me, like he never sinned?
Lookin' for your soul it got blown in the wind
You seen this paperwork and you rollin' within
I wanna fix the world, don't know where to begin
They ain't see me in so long, they like, "Where have you been?"
I was fresh from a war but it was internal
Every day I encounter another hurdle
Why they wanna take my manhood and strip search me?
When I think about my life, it's been a long journey
It was a snow storm but I stood firmly
All the time you wasted, you gotta reimburse me
I had to play dumb, just to blend in
Then go to Africa for spiritual cleansing