Lyrics : Dream of Mirrors [Rock in Rio]

Have you ever felt the future is the past
But you don't know how?
A reflected dream of a captured time
Is it really now? Is it really happening?

Don’t know why I feel this way
Have I dreamt this time, this place?
Something vivid comes again into my mind
And I think I've seen your face
Seen this room, been in this place
Something vivid comes again into my mind

All my hopes and expectation
Looking for an explanation
Have I found my destination?
I just can't take no more

The dream is true, the dream is true
The dream is true, the dream is true

Think I’ve heard your voice before
Think I've said these words before
Something makes me feel I just might lose my mind
Am I still inside my dream?
Is this a new reality?
Something makes me feel that I have lost my mind